Order holtaz wood craft furniture online

The history of our production started in 1907.

All this time we have been making wood products by hand.

Unlike other productions, our products are made exclusively from solid wood.

We do not make furniture from planks. We usually use high quality oak, beech and ash. We also make smaller products from maple wood, lime wood and walnut wood.

Products for the garden are usually made of coniferous wood: larch, spruce, pine.

We control the entire production process: we collect the wood from the forest, cut it ourselves and then dry it in special drying installations that are separately adapted for hard and soft wood.

Our carpentry workshop has developed over the years; You will find decades-old machines but also modern CNC milling machines. This allows us to meet most of our customers' needs.

We mainly produce for individual customers, furniture brands, but we also have our own products under the Holtaz brand.

When you buy products from our joinery, you are always assured that it is an original, handmade product made of real wood.

If you need colored wood, no problem, we have two of our own painting facilities.

We work with our customers individually, so if you don't find something that suits you or if you would like to create your own smaller or larger collection, please feel free to contact us.