We offer comprehensive wood processing services. Knowledge, professionalism, but above all the right equipment enable you to create sustainable solutions for your home and garden. The sawmill and drying room are places where the wood is properly prepared for further processing. We make every effort to ensure that the entire process and each of its elements take place under the right conditions, because the sustainability of the final product depends on it. The range of wooden furniture is constantly expanding, as we constantly try to develop our business. We also realize individual assignments because we value the creativity of our customers.

Solid wood furniture
Solid wood furniture is not only a natural solution, but also a way to add elegance to your space. More and more people appreciate solutions that are free of plastic or metal, because they allow a feeling of coziness and a wonderful smell of wood.

Wooden furniture is a durable product that will last for many years if properly maintained. The range is continuously expanded with new products, with which you can put together an individual set of wooden furniture according to your own wishes. Wooden furniture is comfortable and easy to clean, while the maintenance itself does not require any special efforts. However, due to their durability and the possibility of purchasing additional cushions or other accessories, they fit perfectly into any room.

Garden furniture
A place to relax is a mandatory element in any garden. By creating a space in which rest will be as comfortable as possible, everything can not only look beautiful, but most importantly, be comfortable. Garden furniture is made of wood, which is another natural element for this space, making it fit perfectly into the look of the entire garden. At the same time, it ensures that you can provide maximum comfort during rest. Wooden garden furniture is simplicity, nature, but at the same time a timeless solution that fits into any style. With the garden furniture offer you can buy ready-made sets and create your own individual one. We do everything we can to ensure that the products are of the highest quality, so we are confident that they will meet all your expectations.

Carpentry workshop
The carpentry workshop is a place where real miracles happen. We are able to create something extraordinary from a piece of wood. We make every effort to ensure that the materials selected are of the highest quality, as they determine the effect that can be achieved. The carpentry workshop is a combination of knowledge, passion and a desire for continuous development. We are professionals for whom every order is a new challenge. Professional tools, knowledge and, above all, focus on continuous development allow us to follow trends, but at the same time use techniques that guarantee maximum sustainability of products.

Sawmill and timber yard
We have our own sawmill, which not only allows the primary processing of wood, but above all is able to give the right shape or profile for each element. A wood warehouse is not only a wide choice of products for different purposes. We do everything we can to ensure that the wood offered is of the highest quality. We are well aware of how the type of wood and its processing influence its sustainability. We offer expert advice when making decisions about choosing the best product. In addition, we offer individual services regarding the operation of the sawmill and the timber warehouse. We operate fully, which allows for complete customer satisfaction.

The process of drying wood and preparing it for further processing is an extremely important point in the whole activity. This allows you to determine the course, check how the wood behaves, but above all detect and eliminate irregularities. The wood drying room requires professional equipment, experience and knowledge of the service staff and therefore a guarantee for complete customer satisfaction.