Waarom tuinieren je alleen maar gelukkig kan maken
Have you noticed how people flock to the hardware stores at once and buy countless garden tools?

With spring and the first warm rays of sunshine on the skin, everyone comes crawling out of the winter caves and feels a particularly great affection for the greenery. Highly motivated and eager to learn, they learn about gardening and make plans. It is a pleasant trend, because planting and the enthusiasm for gardening bring many benefits.

Developing the green fingers

Growing your own vegetables can involve quite a bit of effort and expense in the beginning, but it is worth it year after year. Reading about the growing process and starting small, for example with strong crops, can save you from disappointment. Even garden professionals have gained their knowledge and experience. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be ready to tackle bigger things.

In harmony with nature

Not everyone finds gardening exciting, but it is all the more fun to see how young and old can become increasingly enthusiastic about it. You spend your free time sowing, planting, caring and harvesting, always in the fresh air. In addition, bees enjoy delicious flower nectar. This way you get a piece of nature in your garden, balcony or terrace and you do something good for the air, the insects and for you at the same time!

Self-sufficiency with pleasure

Unlike purchased fruits and vegetables, you follow the entire process and watch the plants germinate, grow and bloom - if that doesn't make you very happy. And the best part is that you will be rewarded for the work you do and you can enjoy your harvest with your loved ones. It couldn't be fresher!

No garden? No problem.

Do you live in the middle of the city or do you not have a garden? The great thing about gardening is that nowadays you don't even need your own garden. Because in many places there are allotments for rent, a piece of city garden for rent or practical raised beds for the balcony. Raised beds do not take up much space and yet there is enough for growing tomatoes, strawberries or herbs - children in particular can prove themselves excellent in the garden and at the same time learn a lot from home!