De beste tips voor het vinden van het juiste meubilair voor elk huis!

Let's be honest: Making the right choice for the perfect piece of furniture is often accompanied by a lot of stress. Exciting, yes. But also stressful. Our apartments and houses are our refuges and we want to feel comfortable and enjoy the view.

Once you're in the Pinterest death spiral, the decision becomes increasingly difficult. But no one is alone in this! Do you think it's minimalist? In the new Boho style? Modern instead of classic? Or none of the above? It can be difficult to figure out which term defines your own style.

Here's the good news: there's no wrong way. But knowing the direction helps. Here are our top tips to find your inner stylist and turn your home into the intimate palace of your dreams:

Start with the right feeling.

Before choosing furniture for your home, first consider what the rooms should look like. Comfortable for the living room? Relaxing in the bedroom? Energy in the kitchen? Each of these feelings has similar colors, textures and shapes. By figuring out how you want to feel in which room, you can limit your inspiring images to the most relevant.

Which brings us to our next step:

Select parts that give the desired feeling. If you want your living room to feel cozy and homely, choose soft fabrics, warm colors and lamps for soft light.

Or if you want your room to be cool and minimalist, choose pieces with clean, straight lines. Metal and marble elements provide visual interest without overcrowding the space.

Don't worry about everything having to be perfect. Instead, focus on finding furniture that you really love. For example, look for a striking design in a bright color, or opt for large wooden furniture, a large wooden table or a modern sofa. Build your room around the most popular piece. From here it is so easy to find furniture and accessories that match the colors and atmosphere of the chapter. For example, if your large wooden dining table fits a classic look, complete the room with mid-century-inspired pieces such as teak furniture and custom art prints.

Color can bring a lot of harmony and vibrancy to a room. It can also create a certain atmosphere or emphasize existing furniture. By determining a color scheme you can create the right atmosphere for your room. The combination of neutral colors such as white, beige and brown with bright colors creates a fashionable atmosphere. Warm colors such as yellow, red and orange are cozy and feel warm and personal, while cool colors such as blue and green give a feeling of tranquility.

Beautify the space with elegant storage elements. Sideboards are not just beautiful to look at - they easily hide all the clutter that guests should not see. Gallery walls with a mix of framed art and photographs are a popular way to fill empty wall space. Sideboards are also a great place to display stacks of your favorite books, flowers or striking antiques.

A large dining table can be seen as the center of the room, where the whole family can sit. Never underestimate the power of a bank. It's probably the piece of furniture you spend most of your time on next to your bed, and it makes a significant visual impact in your living room. Luxuriously upholstered sofas are particularly comfortable and inviting. A matching modern or classic side table in fine wood completes the whole and creates a great atmosphere. There are endless options for choosing furniture for your home.

But if you follow a few simple guidelines when choosing your items, whether online or in person, your experience will be less stressful.

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